Terms & Conditions

EHA offers visitors a wide variety of information and a range of online services via its website. EHA wants to ensure the correct and professional behavior of its visitors so that their online presence remains a positive and high quality user experience. In addition to this, EHA wants to guarantee the proper use of the personal information of its website visitors and users of online services.

In order to achieve these objectives, EHA has installed the following:

  • General Terms & Conditions, which apply to all visitors of the EHA website.
  • Specific Terms of Use, which apply in addition to the General Terms & Conditions, to EHA Members and EHA Affiliates who have registered with EHA in order to receive access to and use online services offered by EHA.
  • Our Privacy Statement is how we comply to GDPR.

In order to download the full text of the Terms & Conditions please click on the links above.

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